CDCP Project Space presents Interlude, a solo exhibition by resident artist Darrin Milliner.

"Interlude" is an exhibit that brings the viewer into the atmosphere of a modern middle-class waiting room, set in a twilight-zone like alternative reality 
It included 2D visual art, installation art, video, and audio.
Darrin Milliner often takes on advertising and American consumerism in his digital collage work, which combines vintage imagery with cheeky messages like, “For A Healthy Start to Your Day, Eat the Rich!” - PGH CityPaper
“He's got a great sense of humor, and he addresses some really big issues with great finesse,” says Droege. “He's really smooth with the way that he deals with this material and this subject matter.”
Milliner says his work is influenced by subvertising, a satirical artistic style known for spoofing corporate or political ads...- PGH CityPaper
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